Blogging FSI

Blogging FSI

I’m excited to start this FSINNOVATIONS blog, with the intent of sharing news, features, expeditions, resources, and reflections from all our crew at the Franklin School of Innovation!  As Director of Curriculum and Coaching, my perspective allows me to include wide angle lens overviews of the big picture, including background knowledge of our mission, Expeditionary Learning philosophy and methodology, FSI’s commitment to fostering Growth Mindset, and our FSI Habits of Scholarship.  It also allows for micro lens glimpses into classrooms, with a focus on what this is really all about: the individual FSI scholar’s development of:


FSI Habits of Scholarship

  • Be Curious and Inquisitive.
  • Work Ethically.
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Exhibit Leadership.
  • Be Persistent.
  • Take Action.
Growth Mindset

In order to develop a positive academic mindset, these are four key beliefs students must hold:

  • I can change my intelligence and abilities through effort.
  • I can succeed.
  • I belong in this learning community.
  • This work has value and purpose for me.

I hope that this blog can help foster collaboration, inquiry, leadership, persistence, action, and effective communication for our students, individually, and for our learning community, collectively.

I believe that my steep learning curve for blogging will model growth mindset, humility, effort, persistence, curiosity, ethics, leadership, and direction.  I ask that all dear FSINNOVATION blogspot readers remember that this will be a work-in-progress, as I gain blogging skills.  “I can change my intelligence and abilities through effort,” after all!

More to come, after I master the trick of posting pictures.  Now,….back to that really big log….


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