The Loudest Sound in the World

Dear FSI Friends,
An introduction to Edie, the Blogger…
This article is the sort that captures my sometimes,.. (OK, often, geeky) imagination and makes me wonder what others might think about the connections between the natural and cultural world. I wonder about such subjects as sound waves. Moreover, and in particular, this article prompts me to think of connections between content areas that might spark a green fuse in FSI scholars, both teachers and students, to think creatively, critically, and contextually. It certainly makes me want to dig deeper into the known and unknown field of WAVES and it makes me even more appreciative of the Franklin School of Innovation’s commitment to Deeper Learning. If students are interested in diving into this study, please let me know! I love to learn and I suspect our fantastic Science, Social Studies, and Math faculty crews at FSI would help me facilitate a future expedition into The Science, Measurement, and Mysteries of WAVES.

Nat Geo Education Blog

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