FSI Field Trip to Camp Pinnacle

FSI Field Trip to Camp Pinnacle

On October 31, the entire Franklin School of Innovation CREW (teachers, administrators, students, and lots of supporting families) set off on our first collective expedition to Camp Pinnacle for a glorious day of fresh air and fun. Once at the camp, crews gathered in the council circle for a welcome and to get their crew treasure maps for the day’s adventures. Chris DeFiore started things off with a story of Expeditionary Learning’s heritage in the philosophy and practice of the Outward Bound Program. After that, armed with maps and instructions designed to make each Crew grapple with collective problem-solving, involving Directions, Meaning, Structure, and Action, Crews headed off into the wilderness with their fearless crew leaders for a morning of building relational trust and crew spirit.

IMGP4334 - Copy IMGP4357 - Copy IMGP4358 - Copy IMGP4364 - Copy IMGP4388 - Copy IMGP4403 - Copy IMGP4408 - Copy IMGP4409 - Copy IMGP4411 - Copy IMGP4477 - Copy IMGP4476 - Copy IMGP4448 - Copy IMGP4446 (1) - Copy IMGP4445 (1) - Copy IMGP4415 - Copy IMGP4413 - Copy IMGP4411 (1) - Copy IMGP4478 - Copy IMGP4485 - Copy IMGP4483 - Copy IMGP4481 - Copy IMGP4507 IMGP4507 (1) IMGP4503 IMGP4502 IMGP4500 IMGP4496 IMGP4494 IMGP4494 - Copy IMGP4491 - Copy IMGP4488 - CopyAfter lunch, back at the circle, FSI scholars got to select a large group activity for the afternoon. Whether they chose hiking, ultimate frisbee, the popular Gaga pit, soccer, the Monkey Bridge challenge, or nature crafts and art, we all agreed that it was a great first adventure, and that we are, undoubtedly, CREW, NOT PASSENGERS, one and all.

Note: The photos in this particular blog post are primarily from Mr. Stahkle’s crew. We invite other photographers who captured this day digitally to share their images! : )

D- SCAVENGER HUNT:    Students will collect specific items in the woods (see list below) and then collaboratively create an artistic CREW design on the forest floor.  A photo will be taken of this CREW design to be included in an archived digital collection to commemorate this year’s FSI original Crews.    Find:  5 different species of deciduous leaves  6 cones, pods, and/or seeds from trees evergreen needles; branches and twigs 10 acorns  2 kinds of lichen; three stones  miscellaneous other items to make the design even more spectacular.
FSI First Ever Field Trip: A whole school expedition to Camp Pinnacle, October 31, 2014

IMGP4507 (1) IMGP4538 IMGP4546 IMGP4547 IMGP4577 IMGP4580 IMGP4587 IMGP4598 IMGP4601 IMGP4603 IMGP4616 IMGP4620 IMGP4628 IMGP4649 IMGP4664 IMGP4672 IMGP4674 IMGP4679 IMGP4682 IMGP4690 IMGP4692 IMGP4702 IMGP4706 IMGP4710 IMGP4713 IMGP4715 IMGP4792 IMGP4801 IMGP4941 IMGP4967 IMGP4995 IMGP4996 IMGP4997 IMGP4998 IMGP5002 IMGP5005 IMGP5013


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