Excited to share Ms. Sarah Gold’s awesome Science Site, designed for her students at The Franklin School of Innovation this year, but very interesting for anyone with scientific curiosity to explore!



From Ms. Gold’s 7th Grade Science Site:
What is this class about?
The study of science can help us answer just some of life’s most basic questions: How do cars move? What allows us to predict the weather? What makes something alive? Why do all humans look so similar and yet also different? In this class, students will explore a range of physical, earth and life science topics in an effort to answer these questions and more! By the end of this course students will know basic principles of forces and motion, energy transfer and conservation, weather and climate, the structure and function of living organisms, and genetics and evolution. Units and lessons are designed to help students experience the power scientific discovery through hands-on learning, inquiry, and critical thinking. The course will address all of the North Carolina state standards for 7th grade science.

From Ms. Gold: plant vs animal cells via homemade microscopes-photo credit goes to my awesome 7th graders



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