FSI Coding


The Franklin School of Innovation is participating in this international coding event this week! Teshale Byan, our 8th-9th grade math teacher Extraordinaire, will be working with these grade levels during our “Literacy Lab,” to introduce FSI scholars to the language, process, and potential purposes/audiences for and products of coding. We are officially registered, and I”ll be blogging about the event on FSInnovations.

BTW, Coding is a foreign language for me, and I’m exciting to explore this relatively new form of creative/critical literacy, and to consider ways we can integrate coding across the curriculum at FSI in all grades.  I also humbly ask the FSI scholars for support (and considerable patience) as I seek to model Growth Mindset and Habits of Scholarship.

Look for updates on my adventures in Coding this week.

2014-08-22 09.17.46 2014-08-22 09.17.26 2014-08-20 08.56.25http://code.org/educate/hoc


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