FSI Hour of Code, December 9, 2014

FSI Hour of Code, December 9, 2014

img_6620 day of codeToday, FSI’s Literacy Lab scholars participated in the International “Hour of Code.”  Under the direction of Teshale Byan, 8th-9th grade Mathematics teacher, we explored the basics of coding, including: what this language is, what it’s used to accomplish, and just how integral it is in so many fields of study and work.  We got to experiment with rudimentary skills as well, creating not only one, but FOUR mini projects in DRAWING using code:  H is for Hopper, Crazy Face, It’s a Beautiful Day, and Wild Animal!  (My Crazy Face was the challenge I felt most proud about, especially when I got to put rectangular glasses on round eyes.)  There will be some screen shots coming from volunteer coders in 8th grade very soon to share with our larger blog audience.

Suffice it to say that our short hour of coding today was pretty exciting, both for me as a curriculum person, and for the students, who are way more tech-savvy and able to speak this language already.  I’m sharing just this little glimpse of much more to come…..

In the meantime, if you want to experiment on your own, here’s a link to a tutorial from Kahn Academy:  https://www.khanacademy.org/co

Thank you, Teshale Byan!


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