6th Grade FSI Scholars become Lead Explorers for Adventure in Ancient Greece



Gallery walk of Paint a Patron Project











IMG_6872Ms. Lapinksi’s 6th graders recently demonstrated leadership by designing their own Explorations into Ancient Greece, while also learning about Multiple Intelligences, Inquiry, and Self-Assessment.  Their project design work included the creation of a timeline for completing these projects, high quality rubrics for assessing them according to categories which reflect FSI’s Habits of Scholarship, and presentations (in grand form) of the final products.  See this link for the original assignment:  Lead Explorer Greek Project Challenge

Greek Project Learning Targets:

I can identify the cultural influences that had an impact on Greek life.

I can draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

I can demonstrate speaking and listening skills during project presentations.

Students learned about asking high quality questions (open-ended brainy ones and closed, factual ones) to guide their research.

Here are the Lead Explorer Projects created and completed:

Game Creator

Medusa Infomercial

Food for Thought

Olympic Chariot

Paint a Patron

Mythical Times

Greek Tunes

Culture Collage

NOTE:  The photos in this blog post are just a tiny sampling of the amazing projects completed.  Please come by the 6th/7th grade FSI building to see some of these projects while they are still on display!  Congratulations to FSI’s Lead Explorers on their innovative quest for knowledge!



One thought on “6th Grade FSI Scholars become Lead Explorers for Adventure in Ancient Greece

  1. See this article from Mindshift about the importance of building TRUST in the classroom. The Franklin School of Innovation has made relational trust a focus in building school culture this first year.

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