FSI Professional Development: Standards-Targets-Assessments

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Read more about Expeditionary Learning’s approach to Professional Development:  http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/learning_deeply/2015/02/the_learning_our_teachers_deserve.html

(It gets Deep.)

Here, our teachers are grappling in subject area crews to translate State Standards into Learning Targets with authentic and engaging Assessments of student understanding.  FSI learners examine the purpose of each lesson, activity, or project, and prepare with the proper tools to actively participate in inquiry, data collection, problem-solving, observation, or experimentation. As “leaders of their own learning,” they practice self, peer, and group assessment of meeting these targets on a daily basis.  At FSI Faculty Crews are also engaged in Deeper Learning. We meet weekly to dig in, engage, and apply Expeditionary Learning design principles and practices in Professional Learning Crews.


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