Blind Side Program

Blind Side Program

  • Thanks to Jay Hardwig, and Industries for the Blind, our good neighbors just across Sardis Rd., FSI students had the opportunity to experience The Blind Side Program on our campus this week.
  • Students learned about blindness and The Americans with Disabilities Act through Crew Lessons, before traveling in groups through 4 multi-sensory stations, facilitated by our visitors, who served as Station Hosts.
  • Follow up lessons and a walking expedition to visit the Industries for the Blind are scheduled for early May, as FSI students develop a service-learning project in social advocacy for marginalized populations.

We want to thank Jay and the following Station Hosts, for sharing their stories and this amazing learning experience with us:

Kim West – Braille

Grant Weathers – Assistive Technology

EJ and Betty Ford – Cane Use

Bob Scheff (and Scooter!) – Guide Dog Etiquette

(Please note additional resources to learn more following these photos!)
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Growing Up Blind:

How to Offer Help to a Blind Person:

How a Blind Person Uses a Computer:

How a Blind Person Crosses the Street Alone – this one includes a tiny little bit of advocacy at the end:

The American Foundation for the Blind’s Braille Bug site:

A more advanced biography of Helen Keller is included on the main site for the American Foundation for the Blind. It includes a section on her political and social activism, which dovetails with our unit.

Teaching Tolerance has a unit on Disability Rights. You can browse their stuff here: I also thought this paper from the ACLU had some interesting stuff:


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