FSI Pollinator Pathway and Monarch Waystation Project

FSI Pollinator Pathway and Monarch Waystation Project

The FSI Pollinator Pathway and Monarch Waystation Project site the day before our work began:
butterfly garden 1butterfly5butterfly 7IMG_7671IMG_7657 IMG_7660 IMG_7654 - Copy IMG_7646 IMG_7659 - Copy IMG_7684 IMG_7642 IMG_7655 IMG_7678 IMG_7675 IMG_7681 IMG_7684 - CopyIMG_7708IMGP7309 IMGP7321 IMGP7356


After consulting with Monarch Rescue Mission Expert, Nina Veteto, Bennett David, Eagle Scout (and lifelong advocate for monarchs), Jonathan Marchal of the NC Arboretum, FSI students in grades 6-9 spent the last 2 days of school planting a monarch waystation to support the butterflies on their long migration from Canada to Mexico and back.  Students will collect and analyze migration data to support the Annenberg Learner citizen-science Monarch Migration project: “Journey North”


Our Pollinator Project: “Bomb the Bank,” was also  launched on these last days of school, as students learned about seed classification, dispersal, germination, pollinators, and our ecosystem pollinators of the southern Appalachian Cove Forest.  FSI scholars had fun constructing seed bombs and bombing the meadow hillside acreage that adjoins the Monarch Waystation bordering our campus.  We will continue to plant and tend this pathway in support of pollinators, both for our campus fruit trees and the health of our planet.

IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7715


” Dear Ms. McDowell,
These are photos (and other emails to follow) just taken on a cell phone. …
The plan is for me to lead scouts in July
to make many more seed bombs

​for FSI.​  When I get the roster of students and faculty from FSI we can calculate the manpower hours from the school and also provide credit to the scouts at FSI.
​I would like to be there with you for the Waystation sign installation.  Please let me know about other events and keep me posted on the curriculum events with the waystation and meadow.  I would really appreciate being included and being sent photos when I can’t be there.
I am very grateful to have been a small part of making your amazing vision a reality.  I have enjoyed meeting  and working with you, your faculty and students.
With Sincere Thanks,
(Seed Bombs)
6-9-15 FSI Seed Bomb the Bank (1)6-9-15 FSI Seed Bomb the Bank (2)6-9-15 FSI Students 1


3 thoughts on “FSI Pollinator Pathway and Monarch Waystation Project

  1. Special THANKS to Billy Akrivos (for procuring irrigation hose), Mattie Curruth, FSI Intern Extraordinaire (for a million and one things), John Vruwink (potter and clay expert for bomb-making), David Bennett, Nina Veteto, Jonathan Marchal, National Park Service, FSI teachers and students. Be sure to check out the NPS pollinator website for future posts on our Waystation: http://www.nps.gov/pollinators

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