Franklin School of Innovation’s first ever 6th grade Expedition Kickoff:  “It’s Not My Fault!”

Franklin School of Innovation’s first ever 6th grade Expedition Kickoff: “It’s Not My Fault!”

Essayist, Poet, Teacher, Narrator, Storyteller, Laura Hope-Gill, Essayist, Poet, Teacher, Narrator, Storyteller (also mom of Andaluna, FSI Seventh Grade Scholar!), shares an Inuit origin story of Ka-Ha-Si to launch the 6th grade Expedition, connected to stories from stones! Sixth graders helped with the sound effects of Loons.

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“It’s not my Fault” Expedition Kick-Off

Date: September 1, 2015

Timeline: 8:30-11:30

Hosts: Freeman, Keller, Lapinski, Lappé

Expedition Guiding Questions:

BIG: How does the land affect people?

Science: How do natural forces shape our Earth?

Social Studies: How do people tell the story of their relationship to the Earth?

ELA: How does a changing Earth affect people?

Math: How can the composition of the earth be represented using ratios and percents?

After an interactive story of The Franklin School of Innovation, from our Executive Director, Michelle Vruwink, 6th graders traveled in groups to four stations to rotate through a series of interdisciplinary learning experiences, designed to spark wonder and curiosity.

         “I NOTICE, and I WONDER”  observations and questions from students will help frame this expedition.  Mr. Keller’s class took a question-seeking hike to explore our campus, including the Monarch Way Station.  

Station 1- Story Illustration

Location: Mrs. Lapinski’s room

Station Leader: Mrs. Lapinski

Description: Using white paper and colored pencils students will visually depict the story of Ka-Ha-Si

Station 2- Tell it to me

Location: Mr. Freeman’s Classroom

Station Leader: Mr. Freeman

Description: Students will partner up when they arrive in Mr. Freeman’s room.  Both students will have a different story.  Students will silently read their story, and retell their story to their partner.

Guiding Question:

How did your story change as it was retold and how does that impact the main idea of the story?

Station 3- Dear Future Me

Location: Ms.Lappe’s classroom

Station Leader: Ms.Lappe

Description: Students will write a letter to myself about how they got to this place and what they hope to get out of this year. These letters will be kept in a time capsule for each class and opened at the end of the year.

Station 4- Our Space

Location: Outside- Meet by wood pile

Station Leader: Mr. Keller

Description: Students will tour the campus and demonstrate stewardship along the way! Moving rocks, pulling weeds and picking up trash- the options are endless!



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