Every year FSI faculty crew members participate in an EL Education Quality Work Protocol to gather and assess data representative of our growth towards meeting our school improvement Work Plan goals in these Dimensions of Achievement:
Mastery of Knowledge and Skills
High-Quality Student Work

We collect and dig into a wide variety of data sets to measure growth and set new goals, from MAP testing scores to Habits of Scholarship.  We survey students and go on schoolwide”culture walks,” hold student and parent focus groups, and conduct a QWP “gallery walk” of teacher assignments, rubrics, criteria and the resulting student products.

Why?  Teachers, leaders, and students use this data to deepen our own practice in teaching and learning.

Teachers share analysis and synthesis of data with students to deepen their learning and to better understand the connections between HoS and Academic Achievement. We examine the relationship between classroom norms to strengthen a culture that celebrates and supports FSI students’ responsibility for learning.  This data also helps directly focus our Professional Learning Crew work in differentiated curriculum planning that fosters Deeper Learning.


Following a deeper dive into the data by our Leadership Team, we brainstormed lots of ideas based on this feedback. Leadership Crew shared wonderful ideas for communicating assignments, expectations, rubrics, and high quality student work to parents in a more timely and effective way. We invite the community to celebrate learning, and growing, with us!  There’s much to celebrate, and room to grow.

EL Learning Dimensions of Student Achievement




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