FSI students join Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity Student Build #3



Having recently investigated the cultural and environmental history of Asheville and its environment, with a focus on the consequences and impacts of migration, FSI high school students have been guided by the question: “What is the value of diversity?”

Student-directed inquiry over the course of this 9th-10th grade Learning Expedition, “On the Move,” has identified a consequence of movement and change: the current shortage of affordable housing in the Asheville area.

Seeking to make a positive difference, through Asheville’s Habitat for Humanity service learning project: Student Build #3, Franklin School of Innovation has joined forces with Christ School, Carolina Day, and ACA .

The Student Leadership teams from each school met on April 20, 2016 at Asheville’s Habitat for Humanity to learn more about fundraising and house-building, and to visit the Shiloh neighborhood, where we’ll be constructing our Student Build #3 home. We were greeted in the Shiloh Community Garden by Anita White, a retired UNCA librarian and expert historian, who welcomed and inspired us with stories of the Shiloh neighborhood history.

Anita White shares Shiloh neighborhood history .  You can learn more here. 



4.20.16 student build workshop.largeOff to a great start, the Student Build Leadership Team submitted a grant to State Farm and was awarded $3,000!

This is just the beginning of a long term service-learning project.  Please stay tuned as our FSI Student Build Leadership Team members, Sydney Freeman, Emma McDowell, and Meredith Bordeaux, finalize and share fundraising initiatives.  FSI is proud to be the first public charter school to participate in an Asheville Habitat for Humanity Student Build project.


ON THE MOVE!  In this expedition, students looked at different populations of people, plants, and animals migrating throughout Asheville. We explored the diversity of these groups and how they have changed over time. In Civics, students completed a case-study of a neighborhood in Asheville, digging into demographics and census data to paint a picture of how the neighborhood has changed; in ELA, students crafted a spoken word poem to reflect the consequences of those changes in their studied neighborhood; in Science, students collected and analyzed data on plant, bird, and tree species, examining a question of biodiversity through a scientific research paper; in Math, students created data displays from their science and social students research using graphs and statistics.


3 thoughts on “FSI students join Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity Student Build #3

  1. Student Advisors’ Press Release this week:

    “The Franklin School of Innovation is collaborating with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and three other local schools in service learning to light the future of our Habitat partner family by building a home in the Shiloh Community, even before we build our own permanent school facility. Students, teachers and administrators at Franklin will build the home while our school community will support our efforts to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in Asheville.

    On November 10th at 2:00 in the Shiloh Community at Lot 9 off of Taft Ave, student leaders Emma McDowell, Meredith Bordeaux, and Sydney Freeman, teachers, and 11th graders from the Franklin School of Innovation will be attending the Student-Build #3 truss signing event. During this celebration, each school´s student leaders will say a few words, and invite the community to sign the truss to bless both the house and the family.

    After the Truss-Signing, head over to Atlanta Bread Co. 484 Hendersonville Road, where Franklin students will be serving in order to support Habitat for Humanity. ABC will donate 10% of the proceeds, and student tips, to our fundraising contribution for the student-built home in Shiloh. We seek to raise $13,750 for Franklin’s contribution to this Habitat for Humanity home.”

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