Franklin HS Cross Country Runners Demonstrate Persistence!


Franklin HS Cross Country Runners Demonstrate Persistence!

Cheers to our HS XC runners: Harbin, Riley, and Shane. All three finished strong and set personal records in Swannanoa at the ACA Ramble by the River
I was super proud of the personal goal-setting and progress our HS runners have shown, just adding in the practice of Tuesday/Friday “pacing/endurance” runs (in spite of the 2016 unseasonably high temperatures at 3:30 pm!  Learning how to push and pace oneself in various conditions is key!  Directly transferring this experience and learning to academic and lifelong lessons is just one example of what Franklin facilitates at all grade levels, through sports, projects, and Expeditions.
Finally, a shout out to Lisa Browning, for heading up the Franklin XC program.  She recently shared this historic FSI XC data:

Below is a list of top 10 all time performances for Franklin.  It shows the 10 fastest students, their times, and when it was run.  This could be good motivation for your students to try to get on the board.  However, running is a fantastic individual sport in which a runner’s first concern should be enjoyment and personal improvement.  All of our runners are showing growth as runners and seem to be having a good time.

Middle School Cross Country Top Performers Boys’ 2 Mile

1. Aiden Browning   11:38    Waynesville Invit.  9/2015

2. Declan Mattee 11:50.30 WCU Invit 9/2016

3. Will Fehan  12:06  10/2014  Veitas Invit

4. Jaks Ashley  12:40.9  9/2014 ACA Invit

5.  Grayson Scott  12:44.9  Waynesville Invit.  9/2016

6.  Evan Camissa  12:52.7  2016

7.  Ben Reed  13:06 2016

8.  Bhaerava Sculthorp 13:34  2016

9.  Cameron Camissa  13:54  2016

10. Cole Chenevert 14:02  Waynesville Invit 9/2016

Middle School Cross Country Top Performers Girls’ 2 Mile


1.  Morgan Metzger  14:44  10/2015  Veritas Invit.

2.  Lana Lammel 15:12  9/2016 Flat Rock

3.  Brook Barrett 16:30  Waynesville Invit.

4.  Lily Moffitt  16:35 9/2016  Waynesville Invit

5.  Hannah Hailey  17:45  9/2014  ACA Invit.

6.  Jade Moonbourne  17:47 9/2015  ACA Invit.

7.  Karmyn  18:08  9/2015  ACA Invit

8.  Fiona Crowder-Marshall  18:12  10/2014 Veritas Invit.

9.  Sadie Bolding  18:19 Waynesville Invit. 9/2016

10.  Tira Ellis  18:42




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