FSI 11th Graders On Expedition: Creating a New American Dream

Franklin School of Innovation’s 11th Grade Expedition Kick-off:

The Franklin School of Innovation's photo.
The Franklin School of Innovation's photo.

Habitat for Humanity’s Bill Lineberry, and members of our Student-Build Partner Family, visited the Franklin campus today to help launch our year-long 11th Grade Service-Learning Expedition: Creating a New American Dream.

“Throughout the year, with this guiding topic, students will investigate who has access to the American Dream, as it is currently defined and structured, and strive to create a vision for America’s future that allows for equitable access to resources and opportunities.”
~ Marsha Davis, Social Justice & Chemistry teacher.


This Expedition Kick-off involved real-world simulation in budgeting for various demographic groups, enabling students to gain perspective on the local challenge to find Affordable Housing in Asheville, where the gap between the cost of housing and local wages is extreme. Students learned how our service-learning project, in collaboration with three private high schools, and Habitat for Humanity, will help bridge that gap and create opportunities for community members in need of a safe, affordable home.


Simeon Gibson, who participated in the simulation, had this to say:

“This expedition will help us put ourselves into the shoes of someone who is going through what we will be going through in the future.”


Emma McDowell said:

“I think it’s pretty awesome that we can help build a home for others, even while our school is in its temporary modulars!”

Expeditions are integral to Franklin’s mission : preparing the next generation of leaders, capable of solving problems and participating effectively and ethically as local and global citizens.  We are all excited to be on an expedition designed to both figuratively and literally build greater community through service learning with our 11th graders, Franklin’s faculty crew: Bryan Clendenin, Chris DeFiore, Marsha Davis, Katie Washburn, Jill Padfield, Laura Bubacz, and The Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity!


What does it take to build or buy a home in Asheville’s neighborhoods today?  

Jill Padfield’s Math III students will be calculating the cost of buying/making a house, including the materials, workforce, property and taxes. Then, students will participate in a second simulation which has them take out a loan for the house and watch as it accrues interest over time. According a randomly assigned demographic, groups of students will be able to make different percentages of the payment and be able to compare the overall cost of buying a home over time in relationship to other buyers by how much interest accrued due to their ability to pay.

What are the best materials to use in building homes in the Asheville area?  

Students will also be investigating the logarithmic decay of materials and calculating the depreciation of the house due to the decay of the materials.  They will synthesize their conclusions and collaboratively design a final product in order to share what they’ve learned with the larger Franklin community.

LEARN.  ACT.  LEAD.  On Expedition.

Franklin’s Exemplary Expeditions with a service learning component:






2 thoughts on “FSI 11th Graders On Expedition: Creating a New American Dream

  1. Student Advisors’ Press Release Update this week:

    “The Franklin School of Innovation is collaborating with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and three other local schools in service learning to light the future of our Habitat partner family by building a home in the Shiloh Community, even before we build our own permanent school facility. Students, teachers and administrators at Franklin will build the home while our school community will support our efforts to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in Asheville.

    On November 10th at 2:00 in the Shiloh Community at Lot 9 off of Taft Ave, student leaders Emma McDowell, Meredith Bordeaux, and Sydney Freeman, teachers, and 11th graders from the Franklin School of Innovation will be attending the Student-Build #3 truss signing event. During this celebration, each school´s student leaders will say a few words, and invite the community to sign the truss to bless both the house and the family.

    After the Truss-Signing, head over to Atlanta Bread Co. 484 Hendersonville Road, where Franklin students will be serving in order to support Habitat for Humanity. ABC will donate 10% of the proceeds, and student tips, to our fundraising contribution for the student-built home in Shiloh. We seek to raise $13,750 for Franklin’s contribution to this Habitat for Humanity home. ”

    Learn more about our partner family here: https://www.ashevillehabitat.org/portfolio-item/habitat-student-build-3/#toggle-id-2

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