Franklin Faculty Grade Level Crews Collaborate to Design Expeditions with Authentic Audience & Purpose

Franklin Faculty Grade Level Crews Collaborate to Design Expeditions with Authentic Audience & Purpose


Expeditions are integral to Franklin’s Mission: preparing the next generation of leaders, capable of solving problems and participating effectively and ethically as local and global citizens.

These adventures in learning are not only integral to our purpose of preparing students to “Learn. Act. Lead.” Expeditions build community and offer service learning in the larger world.

Our intrepid teachers work hard to design and implement these adventures, taking into consideration the EL Education Design Principles.  These principles help ensure that students focus on high quality real-world work that is authentic and has purpose for positive change in our world.


  • Authentic work demonstrates the original, creative thinking of students—authentic personal voice and ideas—rather than simply showing that students can follow directions or fill in the blanks.
  • Authentic work often uses formats and standards from the professional world, rather than artificial school formats (e.g., students create a book review for a local newspaper instead of a book report for the teacher).
  • Authentic work often connects academic standards with real-world issues, controversies, and local people and places.
  • Authenticity gives purpose to work; the work matters to students and ideally contributes to a larger community as well. When possible, it is created for and shared with an audience beyond the classroom.

(Read more from EL Education  here.


Franklin students and teachers embarked on our year-long  11th Grade Expedition: “Creating a New American Dream” early in the school year.  We are all excited to be on an expedition designed to both figuratively and literally build community through service learning!  Read more about that Expedition Here!  &  Here! & Here! & Here!

In the next weeks, our other grade level expeditions launch.  We’ll report weekly on these adventures in learning, including kick-offs, field work journeys, experts perspectives from the field, service learning, and celebrations of learning.  Please join our authentic audience!  Practice Inquiry.  Participate.  Learn.  Act. Lead.  We welcome multiple perspectives on all our journeys.




One thought on “Franklin Faculty Grade Level Crews Collaborate to Design Expeditions with Authentic Audience & Purpose

  1. Grateful and honored to be part of so many awesome Expeditions this year at The Franklin School of Innovation! Thanks, Faculty Crew and Anne Vilen for all the strategic mapping, orientation, and navigation in making these adventures in learning possible and productive. 7th grade Expedition is next to launch, on January 24. Stay tuned for updates.

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